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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
There's Station 4 in St. Paul, I don't think I've heard of The Filling Station. That is a predominantly Metal venue.

I'd love to see any of those bands play live here. They might play here, but when it comes to real Punk and Hardcore, they get very little promotion.
You know what, I was wrong. The Filling Station is in Montana. I never really pay attention to where those venues are really located, I just remember hearing for a while that every band I liked was going through that area. Then again I like a lot of bands most people on this board wouldn't appreciate. Are you familliar with the underground scum country scene thats going on in that area? Farmageddon Records sums up a good amount of the bands I'm referring to. I love how its the new outlaw country "revival" being played by a bunch of punks.

I can see how the Punk and Hardcore shows are rare up there because no one wants to go that far north, especially with the gas prices now. I'm really lucky to be close to LA and the OC cause a lot of punk bands are from my area and play too many shows every month.
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