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New DIO compilation

Disc 1:
'Carolina County Ball' - Elf
'Love Is All' - Ronnie James Dio
'The Temple Of The King' - Rainbow
'Catch The Rainbow' - Rainbow
'Stargazer' - Rainbow
'Run With The Wolf' - Rainbow
'Kill The King - Rainbow
'Long Live Rock 'n' Roll' - Rainbow
'Lady Of The Lake' - Rainbow
'Gates Of Babylon' - Rainbow
'Die Young' - Black Sabbath
'Heaven And Hell' - Black Sabbath
'Children Of The Sea' - Black Sabbath

Disc 2:
'The Mob Rules' - Black Sabbath
'Voodoo' - Black Sabbath
'Country Girl' - Black Sabbath
'Holy Diver' - Dio
'Rainbow In The Dark' - Dio
'We Rock' - Dio
'Rock 'N' Roll Children' - Dio
'All The Fools Sailed Away' - Dio
'I' - Black Sabbath
'Push' - Dio
'One More For The Road' - Dio
'Shadow Of The Wind' - Black Sabbath
'Neon Knights' - Heaven & Hell
'Bible Black' - Heaven & Hell

On Sanctuary in June.

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