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I think my good friend Tony, former drummer of Anal Blast, and currently in THis Will Not End Well, Invidiosus, Colostomy Bong and other great bands, just posted on their Facebook page:

you guys can release whatever you want, and call yourselves whatever you want, but you can't just take some photos of yourselves in corpse paint and emperor shirts and call yourselves black metal. you guys are scenecore, pop-metal douchebags, and you wouldn't know TRUE underground black metal if it dick slapped you in the face.

and yes, i think you guys suck so much that i even "liked" this page just to shit talk you a bit. sorry that some us actually try to stay true to our roots, instead of "going back to them" AFTER getting famous on a shitty, mainstream record label. enjoy your fame and success, you vultures of music. i think you were better off with the dub-step remixes, anyway.
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