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Alright, my long overdue proper review:

As I said, I thought this was an absolutely excellent show. My friends and I got up to Penn's Peak pretty early - around 4pm, and were nearly the first people in line. We ended up right on the rail - exactly where I wanted to be - right in front of Doug Aldrich. There was no support and the show started promptly at 8pm. The sound was not the greatest up front, but it hardly ever is, so it could've been worse. I felt like it took maybe 2-3 songs for the sound to "level out" and the band to tighten up, but by Love Ain't No Stranger things were sounding and feeling pretty damn great. I have to say that I felt the setlist flowed and felt MUCH better than I thought it with, and at least where I was, the audience was very receptive to the new material. "Forevermore" sounds exceptional love, and "Love Will Set You Free" has everything a Whitesnake live favorite should have. That being said - the band shoul've played a couple more "classic" songs. It's rare that I bitch about this, but the absence of Crying in the Rain especially was kind of annoying. The band has dropped 3 songs since the start of the tour - granted, all old ones I don't particularly care about seeing - but my point is that this show last an hour and 45 minutes. Good-length headlining performance, but considering it was technically an "Evening With" Whitesnake, and the show end at 9:50pm, it felt very short.

Doug Aldrich is an absolute guitar god. This needs to be said. The man has long been one of my favorite guitarists, but seeing him last night absolutely solidifies that status. This main never hits a bad note, never runs out of licks, and his tone is absolutely phenomenal, arguably the best I've ever heard. Reb Beach is no slouch whatsoever, but I felt he was upstaged by Doug most of the time. The new rhythm section is surprisingly great. I had my doubts, but the two of them (ESPECIALLY Brian Tichy) quickly laid them to rest. Helluva drummer to say the least. David Coverdale sounded OK - not great but not terrible, kinda what I was expecting. Regarding the comments about his distance from the microphone - I know exactly what you're talking about, but I don't think it's any cause for concern. A lot of smart vocalists tend to pull the microphone very far away from them to hit high notes, due to the intensity of the sound it produces. I see it quite often, and it often looks staged, but believe me, it's not. Though I know it's easy to get suspicious of someone as old and spotty as Coverdale. In regards to just normal vocals - keep in mind, there were 4 other guys with microphones, he doesn't even need to sing on a lot of the choruses, haha.

So overall, fantastic show. For a first Whitesnake show it was outstanding, but I hope they fix the setlist a bit for the August dates, because I plan to see them again. I would have photos, but Facebook's new stupid photo settings don't allow me to "copy picture location". If you're my friend on there, I uploaded a few.
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