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Originally Posted by kommie View Post
One of these assholes I knew in school was like " Duded I'm leaving after System, Slipknot sucks" Okay, dude, I don't really give a shit, I like Slipknot. And at the time both of these bands only had 2 CDs out, and Slipknot were a lot bigger than System before IOWA came out, I'm rather sure. System kinda blew-up once Toxicity came out. anyways, judging by the setlists I think both bands more or less played the same amount of time, Slipknot maybe a little more since SOAD songs tend to be really short.
Yeah, I liked both, but was definitely there for Slipknot. They were bigger and rightly headlined, but you couldn't make that argument to the die hard System fans.
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