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M3 Music Festival –– Columbia, MD -- May 13th-14th, 2011

M3 Music Festival – Merriweather Post Pavilion – Columbia MD
May 13,2011 / May 14,2011

M3 Music Festival – Merriweather Post Pavilion – Columbia MD
May 13,2011 / May 14,2011

As far as the shows that I saw ---- this festival was “AMAZING” …..It doesn’t get much better for this kind of music ……

May 13,2011
First Night Bands were:

Jetboy – Like rhino bucket / AC DC – hard three chord dirty Rock N Roll – great opener…
LA GUNS – Classic but way too short ……what a band!!!!!!!!
Warrant – Good (not great – I think new singer fits in well) / New songs (sex aint love was pretty good – lifes a song was simple)
KIX – they were an 11 // Back in their Hometown opening up (Headlining) an 80’s festival…..
Everytime I see them they get better and better !!!!!!!
I have to say this even though I will get ripped BUT Steve Whitman is one the best “Frontmen” of all time – bar none – big time overlooked!!!!!!!
Singer/ Entertainer – everything you want in a front man…..I will go see these guys wherever / whenever as they know exactly what we want in a rock show….

May 14,2011

Modern Superstar and Korrupt (we skipped)

Main Stage---
Danger Danger – were fantastic / singer was into it and the crowd loved seeing them again .. Great Opener for Noon!!!!!!!! Guitar player was not original but new guy was awesome …….Left during Naughty Naughty to go to …..

The Side Stage ---
Pretty Boy Floyd – FUCKIN 10 (80’s Glam/ Bubblegum and three chord rock (YIPPEE!!)

Back to Main Stage –
Firehouse – Just okay –actually lame in spots and no acoustic guitar playing (Really?) Really?Singer can still soar though …..WOW!

Slaughter – Again Just okay (their songs just don’t stand the test … a little heavier than I would have thought but no great shakes …. (Mark could stand to put down a donut or two but who am I to talk!) // Drummer is the SHIT!

Back to Side Stage
Hurtsmile – sort of a really good club band with Gary Cherone fronting and his brother on guitar (I am the only one that still likes this guy and the new CD too). Kinda dead too –

Back to Main Stage –
Great White – they would be great to see in nightclub – blues –grinder- 80’s rock – new singer filling in for a sick Jack Russell was Terry Ilous from XYZ (old 80’s band) – he did a great job even through some sound issues (only sound issues of the day) – left early to see…….

On the Side Stage:

Black N Blue FUCKIN 10 (80’s Straight Ahead RNR) – Boy I miss these guys (YIPPEE again!!) / Band very into it…..Singer Jamie St James was on and very into it – crowd was good too

Ran to Main Stage to see:

Mister Big
All I can say is “AMAZING!! – Musicians like you never see ……..They sort of didn’t fit because it wasn’t bubblegumish but a lot of people were there for them…..Only one of 2 shows in the States for this tour…… F’n WOW!!! Stayed till end then ……….

Off to Side Stage for:
Faster Pussycat – we couldn’t get near them – biggest crowd for the side stage that day so far ……Crowd was going nuts and biy did they sound good…..
A shame we missed most their set ……..

BACH to the Main stage (Get it?) for
Sebastian Bach -- He was having a good day (He has a lot of hits and misses with his shows) and the crowd really enjoyed him -- probably heaviest band of day ….with his new guitar player (Nick sterling) tiny kid with old school style – Caught Bach from the lawn instaed of our seats which was just fine …….very good set / show

Back to side Stage for:
BIG NOIZE—Supergroup cover band (Joe Lynn Turner - RAINBOW / Carlos Cavazo – QUIET RIOT /Vinny Appice - BLACK SABBATH-DIO- H & H/ Phil Sousan - OZZY) who made a good point /// They are not a cover band because they own the songs they wrote and played …. Nice DIO tribute // Joe Lynn was a little disappointing but overall VERY VERY good set ……..

Back to Main Stage for:

Tesla – they were “Spot on” !!!! They were a 10 and the crowd knew it …. I have seen them have average nights but this was not one of them…. They kicked ASS from beginning to end….

Went to Side Stage for:

Lita Ford—too crowded to get near –but she sounded good as well as the band sounded good…….I would love to see her in a club soon …..

The back to the Main Stage for:

Whitesnake…. I Have seen them before and I just think they are a “Consistent” big rock act -- that’s not a big compliment and really only a small knock…..Great show to end the festival with though …..Aldrich and Beach are two fantastic guitar players and they both sing like birds … add in a “bourgeoisie-classy” Coverdale and you have a great show…….One quirk but im not sure…..Coverdale may have been lipsinking ….. I wasn’t sure but I read another reviewer that thought it too…….we were both hoping that Reb Beach / Aldrich were just filling in really well when Coverdale pulled his mike away …… Gosh I hope so ……first Milli Vannili and now Coverdale …… I just hope I was tired …..

There are no such thing as good rock festivals on the East Coast (we almost few to Rocklahoma but……) here in the States so overall the festival was amazing as I have been waiting on the east coast for a good “Rock Festival “ for a long time…..and this was it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Set in the hills of Maryland … Beer / Booze/ Food and 80’s Hair metal ………..I cant wait to go back again…..Best Rock Weekend I can remember…..
That is a lot of music to fit in – in 2 days….

SET LISTS--------------------------------------

## = (Heard it but did not see the band)
*** = Did not hear or see but i think they played it based on the web/videos)
?? = Do not know name of song

Jet Boy -----------
Dogs Gotta Roam
Heavy Chevy
Going Down (above the clouds)
Stomp It (Down to the Bricks)
??Blowjob song?
Feel The Shake

La Guns -----------
Slap in the face
Sex action
Never Enough
MyKoo Ka Choo
Wheel Of Fire
Electric Gypsy
Ballad ofJane

Sure Feels Good To Me
Big Talk
Down Boys
Sometimes She Cries
Sex Ain't love
Life's a song
Uncle Toms cabin
Cherry Pie

Ring Around Rosie
Atomic Bombs
Don't Close Your Eyes
Hot wire
Girl Money
Cold shower
Cold blood
Blow my fuse

Kix Are For Kids
Midnight Dynamite
For shame
YeAh Yeah Yeah

Modern Superstar -----------
We All Die Young (##)

Number Of The beast (##)

DANGER DANGER -----------------
Boys Will Be Boys
Monkey Buisness
Hearts on The Highway
Don't Blame It On Love
Rock America
I Still Think About You
Bang Bang
Naughty Naughty

Leather Boys (w Electric Toys)
Toast Of Town
R N R Outlaws
Saturday Night
I wanna Be With You
48 Hours
Your Mama Won't Know
Set The Night On Fire

FIREHOUSE --------
All She Wrote
When I look Into Your Eyes
Overnigjht Sensation
Love Of A Lifetime
Reach For sky

SLAUGHTER-----------(missed alot)

The Wild Life
Take Me Away
Burnin bridges
Spend ny life
Up All Night***

HURTSMILE ------------------(missed a lot)
Just war Theory***
Love Thy Neighbor
Pump It Up
Wihout You ***
Slave / Jesus would You Meet Me ***
Holehearted ***
Kicked in the teeth ***

Great White-------------(missed the end)
Desert Moon
Lady Red Light
Face The Day
House Of Broken Love
Save Your Love
Mista Bone***
Rock Me ***
Once Bitten twice Shy***

BLack N Blue--------------------
Cmon Cmon
Chains Around Heaven
Stop the Lightning
Nasty Nasty
Heat it Up
Miss Mystery
Live It up
Hold On To 18

MISTER BIG ----------------------
Daddy Brother Lover and Little Boy***
Take Cover***
Green Tinted
Alive n kickin
American beauty
Still Aint Enough
Colorado Bulldog
Price u Gotta Pay
Around The World
To be with you
Addicted to That Rush

FASTER PUSSYCAT ------------
Cathouse ***
Slip of the Tongue ***
Number one with A Bullet ***
Sex Drugs & R N R ***
Porn Star ***
House of Pain ##
Bathroom Wall ##

Sebastian Bach --------(Missed a lot)
Big Guns
Stuck Inside
Piece of me
18 and life

BIG NOIZE ---------------------------
Mob Rules
Rainbow In The Dark
Stone Cold
Shot In The Dark
Street of Dreams
Last in Line
Feel the Noise (w Robert Mason-warrant)
Metal Health

Tesla -------------------------
Forever More
Hang Tough
Heavens Trail
Too many
Second Street
Love Me (or let me be)
Song and Emotion
Modern Cowboy
Love Song

LITA FORD ------------------

She had P.J. Farley (Trixter on bass and Gary Hoey on guitar)
(missed all opening songs)

Back to Cave
What Do You Know About Love
Falling In and Out Of Love
When I Close My Eyes
Kiss Me Deadly

Best Years
Gimme All Your Love
Love Ain't No Stranger
Is This Love
Steal Your Heart Away
Love Will Set You Free
Guitar solos 2
Evil Ways
Drum solo
Evil ways (b)
Aint No Love In The Heart Of The City
Fool For Your Lovin
Here I Go

Still Of The Night

VIDEOS FROM THE FESTIVAL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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