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Originally Posted by Wrathchild_84 View Post
It's not like I expect them to play Killing Is My Business in it's entirety but I don't think asking Dave to mix up the setlist a bit is a tall order. They play the same damn set just about every tour. I've supported the band for the years but if Dave wants to just keep releasing shitty albums and keep playing the same tired setlist with no surprises then thats the end of my support. And I wouldn't say I'm a random 1%. I sure there are plenty of others who are just as sick of Dave's shit as I am.
I agree, I am not seeing Megadeth this year because of this. I have seen them twice now (albeit 20 years apart, in 1990 and last year) and seen all the "hits." I also have this same issue with Rush. Groups really need to shake it up more. I realize they have to play all the songs Sanitarium78 mentioned but that still leaves a lot of room for others. Even one song of of Killing... would be a nice change.
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