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Slipknot -- Albany, NY -- October 20th, 2001

Rammstein (out of order, and from memory, incomplete)

Bück dich
Fueri Frei
Links 2-3-4
Ich Will
Du Hast

System of a Down

Prison Song
Jet Pilot
Chop Suey!
Deer Dance


People = Shit
Get This
My Plague
New Abortion
The Heretic Anthem
Spit It Out
Wait and Bleed

Found these on, as I went to this show, there were other bands there too, No One, American Head Charge and Rammstein(the last REAL time they toured here). Mudvayne were supposed to be here but dropped off cuz they were also doing The Black Christmas Tour with I believe Rob Zombie and Ozzy that December, and wanted time off, or something, I was pissed, loved em back in the day, they still did the facepaint and everything back then, only L.D. 50 was out at that time.

I didn't care for No One, and I do like AHC, they were pretty awesome if I remember correctly. As much as I loved Slipknot back in the day, Rammstein was fucking amazing, I was kinda far away, but not like nosebleeds can't see shit and I could still feel the heat of the flames, I dunno if they still do it now, but one of the guitar players, maybe Richard was more or less playing his guitar as it was on fire, and it kinda more or less burned away. They also did play Bück dich, not sure if you guys know what they did live with that song, but look it up. They also no longer play that song. Kinda surprised SOAD didn't do Spiders, as they had just got big and all they had was self-titled and Toxicity released. Then their egos super-inflated and they fucking sucked, my best friend absolutely hated their guitar player and kept screaming " YOU FUCKING SUCK" real loud every time the asshole talked into the mic, or at least did something, don't really remember. System played a video in the background the whole time, and Slipknot didn't do anything too special.

However there was a drum solo during Slipknot, and it was absolutely nothing special, he hit the drums, and he spun around, I guess that's hard or something? I think it went upside down as well, point is it didn't sound like anything a death metal drummer could do 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times better.

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