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Quick note, the Concord date isn't gonna have the orchestra. It will have Joe Satriani opening though. I'd go, but I'll be going to Europe for a couple of weeks on the 24th. Everyone should definitely go to this, I got to see them a few years back in SF and they tore it up. Ian's mid-range is still amazingly solid, even though he can't do those ridiculous screams anymore. They had a near-perfect setlist too, all the hits, a few new tracks, and a solid amount of fan favorites too. I think I'll put up a review of the show just for nostalgia's sake.
Skeletonwitch/Ghoul - 9/23
Saviours/Hazzard's Cure - 9/28
Raven - 10/20
Satan/Slough Feg - 10/25
King Diamond - 8/31
Judas Priest - 11/16
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