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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
You can't really tell much by that. It isn't good enough quality to make out the lyrics at all. So i've gotta reserve judgement until I hear the studio version of it.

With Bob Ezrin involed the new album will be good or at least better than the last three disappointments Cooper has let out.
I didn't listen to that version but I will say the song didn't seem very heavy at all. Decent Rock 'n Roll type song from what I remember.

So the concert was awesome. Merch was really expensive (Anvil CD: $20, Anvil/AC T-Shirts: $35 or $40 for a larger size), but it was still cheaper than last time I saw Alice (shirts were $40 each last time). I still picked up a shirt from each because my Anvil shirt is just the plain logo and I had to get rid of my old Alice Cooper shirt because it was way too small.

Anvil actually went on stage 5 minutes early (7:55) and played for about 35 minutes. The sound was pretty muddy for the first song, but as soon as Lips started singing on Mothra, I think the sound guy realized he needed to fix something. From there on out, it sounded pretty good. I was really disappointed that Anvil only played 6 songs. I thought we would get at 9 or so. Still, the band put on a great show and they were on fire. Lips is a madman on guitar and Robb's drum solo was fantastic. Lips tried talking through the pickups on his guitar, which I didn't know was possible. It was actually really cool, but hard to hear. Overall, they put on a good show, but I'm hoping they play a longer set at Heavy TO.

This was my third time seeing Alice Cooper. The previous two times were with Queensryche and Heaven and Hell (2007) and a headlining show in 2008 (Econoline Crush opened). Even though I was more pumped for Anvil, I think Alice really stole the show. This was by far the best performance I had seen of his. I never once thought his vocals were bad, or even mediocre. He sounded as good as on the records, and in some cases, even better. There were three guitar players and I presume the one who did not provide backing vocals was the one that played on Welcome to my Nightmare. All three guitarists did a pretty good job, but the soloing was mainly done by the guitarists standing on the edges of the stage. The setlist was awesome. Wicked Young Man was fantastic and I didn't expect him to get executed so late into the show. I was under the impression that Poison was mainly played after the execution. Also, this was the first time I saw him get killed by the guillotine. The previous two times were done by hanging. The guillotine is by far the best method. Partly because it looks better, and partly because it usually leads into "I Love the Dead", which is one of my favourite songs. Even if you can't get to a show where Anvil is playing, go see Alice on this tour. He exceeded my expectations and I'm certainly going to see him play next time he comes through town.
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