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Alice Cooper -- Quebec City, Quebec -- May 14th, 2011


March of the Crabs
Mothra (very extended version)
Juggernaut of Justice
F*ckin' Eh
White Rhino
Metal on Metal

Alice Cooper:

The Black Widow
Brutal Planet
I'm Eighteen
Billion Dollar Babies
Under My Wheels
Muscle of Love
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Is It My Body
Halo of Flies
I'll Bite Your Face Off (new song)
Only Women Bleed
Cold Ethyl
Feed My Frankenstein
Clones (We're All)
Wicked Young Man
I Love the Dead
School's Out


Same set as two nights ago except we didn't get Be My Lover. I'm not 100% sure this is the order but I know it's similar. I'll give a better review tonight since I'm doing this from my phone.
2/9 - Spellcaster (?)
2/10 - Havok, Exmortus
4/11 - Kreator, Obituary
4/19 - HammerFall
4/20 - HammerFall
4/21 - HammerFall
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