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Originally Posted by PhxRocker View Post

I saw them at The Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana a few days after you (5/1), and the crowd was definitely not like the one you described in S.F.

The place was PACKED, even though it was a Sunday night.
And although there were a lot of older metalheads and "Dads" there, as you put it, there were also a LOT of younger metalheads who wanted to see what Accept was all about.
Accept definitely DID NOT disappoint one bit. EXCELLENT show!

And I COMPLETELY agree with you about Wolf's facial expressions. That dude is GERMAN personified! Gotta love Wolf Hoffman!!

To anyone reading this: Go see Accept if you get the chance. You WON'T regret it!
That's awesome to hear! When I saw Amon Amarth a few weeks back, the crowd was half the reason I had so much fun, it definitely makes a difference. It's not that S.F. had a bad crowd per se (barring the half capacity), just a different one than I was expecting.
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