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Destruction -- New York, NY -- May 11th, 2011

Fucking amazing set. I think they outdid Destruction, honestly. There was no security so fans kept on jumping/crowdsurfing onto the stage and stagediving. Dave White was initially really angry at it and threw a few of them off, but he eventually let some of them sing with him.

Intro (played on tape)
Dying Season
Control By Chaos
Arrows of Agony
Open the Grave
Hypnotized :r ocker:
No Stone Unturned
Fade Away (With Rob Dukes of Exodus!!!!)
Death By Hanging

Destruction's set (out of order)
Curse the Gods
Mad Butcher
Thrash Til Death
Death Trap
Invincible Force
Devil's Advocate
Devolution (dedicated to Osama: funny, this venue was 2 subway stops from the WTC)
Nailed to the Cross
Eternal Ban
Bestial Invasion
(I'm forgetting one)
Release from Agony
Total Desaster

Crowdsurfers basically destroyed a mic stand, and it was really funny how pissed Schmier got. His normal talking voice was kind of wimpy but his singing voice was really tough and stuff. So he starts off with his wimpy voice, saying "You know, you guys need to stop destroying the microphones", and then switched to his machismo voice to shout "THESE ARE MY MICROPHONES!".

It was a great show

Also- I had to leave before Release from Agony (he took requests for Death Trap and Invincible, and said RFA was coming up later) so I don't know if Total Desaster was actually played, I'm just assuming it was cause all the other nights got it.
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