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Rammstein -- Chicago, IL -- May 10th, 2011

Same set as before.

Waidmanns Heil
Keine Lust
Weisses Fleisch
Feuer Frei!
Wiener Blut
Frühling In Paris
Ich Tu Dir Weh
Du Riechst So Gut
Links 2 3 4
Du Hast
Ich Will

Let me tell you if you have a chance to hit up this tour go to it. It was quite possibly the greatest show I have ever seen in my life and I have gone to about 100 shows in my life. Till was so energetic and interacted with the crowd alot. Only thing that sucked was i taped du haust and accidently deleted it while trying to make room... I fucked up lol. But anywayz it was also my first time hearing combichrist which I am now a huge fan of. But Rammstein stole the show. OUT FUCKING STANDING. Heres some pics.

10-1 Korn

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