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Originally Posted by Skinny Juice View Post
Turns out that dude is Ritchie Cavalera, Max's stepson. He is the guest vocalist on the album version. Tripped me out buying a shirt from Ritchie in Denver and not realizing who he was til after the show.

According to their facebook, they've been having issues with their van. Which is terrible, because they fucking destroyed it in Denver last week.

That's awesome of Cavalera Conspiracy to step up and add some Nailbomb and Black Flag into the set. For the record, Igor's drumset is the most BEASTY drumset I've seen. Not a lot of pieces, but he has floor toms mounted as rack toms. The shiny glitter with Rasputin & Genghis Khan on the kick drums, I loved the drumset and the fucking band. Holy fucking shitballs.
Correct on all accounts. Ritchie was manning the Merch table and I thought he looked familiar and kept seeing people going up and shaking his hand. Dude can BELT too! His parts in that sing are brutal as hell.

Igor's drumset was so bad ass. I figured someone else was going to play the tribal drum parts but he had them set up on the side up high and beat the shit outta them during those parts. One of my favorite drummers...
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