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Dimmu Borgir Headliner Behemoth-13 song set Gorgoroth-10 song set

1.The Devil is Calling
2.Sign of an Open Eye
3.Exit Through Carved Stones
4.God Seed(Twilight of The Idols)
5.Possessed(by Satan)
6.Blood Stain's The Circle
7.Forces of Satan Storms
8.Incipit Satan
9.(Under)The Pagan Megalith
10.Carving A Giant

1.Pure Evil and Hate
2.Inner Sanctum
3.Christian's to The Lions
4.No Sympathy for Fools
5.Inflamed with Rage
6.Anti-christian Phenomenon
7.Chant for Eschaton
8.Dragon's Lair
9.Towards Babylon
10.Conquer All
11.Ov Fire and The Void
12.At The Left Hand Ov God

Dimmu Borgir
2.Heavenly Perverse
3.Spellbound(By The Devil)
5.Lepers Among Us
6.Tormentor of Christian Souls
7.Born Treacherous
9.Progenies of The Great Apocalypse
11.Dimmu Borgir
12.The Heretic Hammer
13.The Serpentine Offering
15.Hybrid Stigmata
16.Mourning Place
17.In Death's Embrace
18.Kings of The Carnival Creation
Age of Ultron
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