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Was it worth it?
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Children of bodom-Relentless reckless forever

So i dont think anyone here reviewed this album so i guess i will. Let me first say that i think blooddrunk sucked. Poor album. Children of bodom is one of my favorite bands so i decided to give them another try with Relentless reckless forever. I heard the song was it worth it? And i didnt mind it, in fact i thought the song kicked ass. Now if only the whole album was like that. Its not bad, much better then blooddrunk but not on the scale as follow the reaper, are you dead yet? or hate crew deathroll. There are some kickass songs on this album but nothing that truly stands out. The album starts with not my funeral which is actually a pretty kick ass song. I thought it was a great start to an album so by now i had high hopes for this cd. With shovel knockout my expectations droped. IMO the song was so bland and boring. Nothing that stands out with this song. Not bad but it is what it is. Roundtrip to hell and back is a pretty good song. Actually, at this point is my favorite song of this album. Pussyfoot miss suicide, even with the stupid song title kicks fucking ass. A fucking awesome song. Loud, heavy and fast. Relentless, reckless forever is another boring song which i actually skiped. Pretty god awful song. Ugly isnt a bad song, just doesnt stand out at all. Cry of the nihilist is much better than the last two songs. Pretty fun to listen too but, yet again, nothing stands out. Was it worth it? is a kickass song and probably the second best from the album, next to pussyfoot miss suicide. Now if only the entire album was that good. Northpole throwdown is a pretty sweet song. But again, nothing special. Honestly this entire album is pretty much nothing. Its like fast food, it tastes ok when you eat it but you forget about it really quickly. Much better then blooddrunk but not as good as anything else they did. Its worth the listen once but other then that its nothing special. 6/10
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