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Originally Posted by BlackmoreOfBowling View Post
Poor Intronaut..
Originally Posted by mankvill View Post

I might almost consider going anyway, though, since (a) I missed them last time around, (b) the new album rules hard, and (c) live IntrOnaut is always a good thing.

I'll have to see what the dates are in my neck of the woods...

Originally Posted by MPF View Post
I think I just filled the cup...
Only because of IntrOnaut, I would hope (but alas, I fear this is not the case ).

EDIT: Speaking of the mighty IntrOnaut, here is a link to their web site, where you can listen to a track which was on the European version of the last album (but not the U.S. version):
8/1 SummersLaughter
8/10 Boris / Atlas Moth / SubRosa
9/8 Man or Astro-Man?

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