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Cavalera Conspiracy -- Towson, MD -- May 9th, 2011

About once a year or once every few years something crazy happens at a show. A band can't play because someone gets sick, hurt, visa's or whatever. Well last night something happened to Lazarus AD but no one seemed to know what it was. They didn't play and instead we were treated to an Evening with Cavalera Conspiracy. I was thinking we saw the perfect set with everything they've played over the past few years but for some reason they left Propaganda off the setlist. If it wasn't for that this setlist would have been the Best of 2011 for me so far. Igor was an absolute MONSTER only flubbing on Territory but pounding the crowd into submission all night. Marc Rizzo might be one of the most underrated Guitarists out there. He was flawless all night and had he been mixed a little louder would have been the highlight of the night. That distinction goes to Max Cavalera. What a fucking ringleader this guy is. He could have pulled a Mustaine and played an abbreviated set to get out of town early but instead they pulled out all the stops and had that place electrified for almost 2 hours. An incredible show that I'm so glad I went to...

Arise / Dead Embryonic Cells
Wasting Away (Nailbomb)
Killing Inside
Blunt Force Trauma
Troops of Doom
The Doom Of All Fires
Black Ark (Extended with some other guy singing)


Six Pack (Black Flag Cover)
Roots Bloody Roots
1/12 - Kings of Leon
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