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Slayer-30 songs
Rob Zombie-30 songs
Cradle of Filth-20 songs

Cradle of Filth
1.Satanic Mantra/Tortured Soul Asylum
2.Lord Abortion
3.The 13th Ceasar
4.The Twisted Nails of Faith
5.Black Metal(venom cover)
6.Thank God for The Suffering
7.Babalon A.D.(so glad for the madness)
8.Forgive me Father(I Have Sinned)
9.Funeral in Carpathia
10.A Gothic Romance (Red Roses For the Devil's Whore)
11.The Nun with the Astral Habit
12.Hell Awaits(slayer cover)
13.Gilded Cunt
14.The Forest Whispers my Name
15.Tonight in Flames
17.Her Ghost in The Fog
18.Rise of The Pentagram
19.The Black Goddess Rises
20.From The Cradle to Enslave

Rob Zombie
1.Call of The Zombie/Superbeast
2.Sinners Inc./Demon Speeding
3.Foxy Foxy
4.Sick Bubble Gum
5.Feel so Numb
6.The Devil's Reject's
7.American Witch
8.Welcome to Planet Motherfucker(White Zombie cover)
9.Mars Needs Women
10.Never Gonna Stop(the red red kroovy)
11.Pussy Liquor
12.More Human Than Human(White Zombie cover)
13.Dead Girl Superstar
14.Scum of the Earth
15.Living Dead Girl
16.The Man Who Laughs
17.Jesus Frankenstein
18.Super Charger Heaven(White Zombie cover)
19.Demonoid Phenomenon
20.Meet The Creeper
21.Black Sunshine(White Zombie cover)
22.I'm your Boogie Man(White Zombie cover)
23.Return of The Phantom Stranger
24.House of 1000 Corpses
25.Let it All Bleed Out
26.Virgin Witch
27.Werewolf Women of The SS
28.Sawdust in Blood/Iron Head
29.The Lords of Salem

1.Darkness of Christ/Bloodline
2.Black Magic
4.Piece by Piece
5.Jesus Saves
8.Skeletons of Society
10.Season's in The Abyss
12.Silent Scream
13.Mandatory Suicide
15.Beauty Through Order
16.Hate Worldwide
17.Criminally Insane
20.South of Heaven
21.Dead Skin Mask
22.Eyes of The Insane
23.Perversions of Pain
24.Chemical Warfare
25.Altar of Sacrifice
26.Ghost of War
27.Angle of Death
28.Hell Awaits
29.World Painted Blood
30.Raining Blood

20 dates only in the USA, just gonna name city's not venues

1.New York City, New York
2.Detroit, Michigan
3.little Rock, Arkansas
4.Yuma, Arizona
5.Phoenix, Arizona
6.Indio, California
7.Los Angela's, California
8.Austin, Texas
9.Tampa, Florida
10.Denver, Colorado
11.Las Vegas, Nevada
12.Seattle, Washington
13.Boise, Idaho
14.Sioux Falls, South Dakota
15.Nashville, Tennessee
16.San Francisco, California
17.Mountain View, California
18.Portland, Oregon
19.Tucson, Arizona
20.San Bernardino, California
Age of Ultron

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