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I was there as well, but I was far in the back hanging with my dad who decided to come with me when my friend that I was set to go with got the flu. Nothing quite like father/son bonding on Mother's Day, right?

You were right about stage right being near-inaudible. I couldn't hear the guitarist to the right at all during Powerglove. Powerglove impressed me far more than I was expecting, the Mortal Kombat theme may have been one of the coolest things I've heard metal-ized in a long long time.

Symphony X was also mind-blowing. I was not expecting that they would jack the speed on all the songs considering how technical all of the members are, but I thought it made the songs even better. Russell Allen seriously has to be my favorite living singer (...okay I still like Rob Halford better). He said he was sick from some bad food he ate, and wasn't well enough to make the meet n greet, but STILL hit every note perfectly. I have to admire Michael Romeo's ability to switch between his crazy solos and the riffs so easily, you can tell he takes learning how to play a song perfectly as seriously as he does learning how to wank on his solos. The only things that I disliked about the show were that the bass wasn't mixed properly or something causing this shrill ring whenever a note was held, and that Russell's vocals were too low in the mix during Paradise Lost. Otherwise, absolutely fantastic.

Oh yeah, this was gonna be my first time seeing Nevermore, but nope, looks like I'm never gonna go bonkers to The Seven Tongues of God as played by the classic lineup ever.
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