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Symphony X -- San Francisco, CA -- May 8th, 2011

So I got to the venue, and found some rail at the far left, facing the stage. I then got a Powerglove shirt and went back to my spot and waited for the show to start

Blackguard was up first. They're basically second-hand Children of Bodom. They were failry decent, and I liked the energy that the singer brought. I couldn't hear the lead guitarist. Facing the stage, he was to the very right, but I had a problem hearing everybody who was on that side of the stage, so I won't give Blackguard shit for that. That's on the venue's ass. Either way, they were alright so yeah.

Powerglove was up next. They almost missed the show because their bus broke down in Portland. They had to use all of Blackguard's gear. They still had all their costumes and all of the swords 'n' stuff. I've been waiting 4 years to see these guys, and it was worth the wait. They put on a really good live show. I guess them starting with Terra's Theme is a little preview with what we'll be getting with their next album, so I'm excited for that. Instead of a "Fuck that bird" chant before Storm Eagle, they had everybody chant "Fuck that van" since they're van broke down in Oregon. As usual, they threw out swords and a hammer during Metal Kombat, but they only had a few. I don't know if that's because their van brokedown or if that's just what they do, but I was hoping to get one. No big deal though. Red Wings Over Baron was fucking glorious in the live setting. I screamed/sang my heart out during Pokémon. They did awesome and I can't wait to see them again.

Terra's Theme
Storm Eagle
Metal Kombat For Mortal Men
Red Wings Over Baron
Mario Minor

That's how I felt the whole time while watching Symphony X. They really impressed me. I didn't think I was going to enjoy them as much as I did. The guitarist, Michael Romeo, is a fucking monster. Being right in front of him just and watching him do his this put my in a state of awe. I was little disappointed they only played one off of TDWOT, since it's by far my favorite album of theirs, but it was still amazing. The band played really well. The Odyssey was just jaw-dropping live.

Symphony X

Oculus Ex Inferni
Of Sins and Shadows
Serpent's Kiss
End of Innocence
Paradise Lost
Smoke and Mirrors
Eve of Seduction
Set the World on Fire (The Lie of Lies)
The Odyssey

Blackguard: 7/10
Powerglove: 8.5/10
Symphony X: 9.5/10
8/29 Shoegaze fest in a cave
9/8 Minsk/SUBROSA
9/9 Creepers/Tony Molina/Drag Majesty
10/10-11 CDF
10/25-26 Thou & The Body
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