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Loudness -- Seattle, WA -- May 8th, 2011

A blast from the past. Prior to tonight, the one and only time I ever saw Loudness live was opening for Crue on the "Theatre of Pain" tour. 25+ years ago, are you shitting me?

This was the setlist posted on the stage. Pretty sure they stuck to it:

01. Fire of Spirit
02. Hit the Rails
03. Crazy Nights
04. Heavy Chains
05. In the Mirror
06. Never Change Your Mind
07. Shadows of War
08. Get Away
09. Black Star Oblivion
10. The King of Pain
11. Crazy Doctor
12. Let It Go
13. S.D.I.

They played for about 80 minutes. The crowd was small (100 - 150) but appreciative. I enjoyed it - if you have ever liked any Loudness material, I think you will enjoy the show. If they come to your town, give them a chance...
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