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Devildriver -- Corpus Christi, TX -- May 7th, 2011

Venue: Concrete Street Pavilion

Drove down to see Danzig and Devildriver. Tried to time it so I'd miss 2Cents, but ended up arriving right before they got on stage. Devildriver was next and sounded great. Setlist as follows
End of the Line
Impending Disaster
Not all Who Wander Are Lost
Dead to Rights
Clouds Over California
I Could Care Less
Head On to Heartache
Hold Back the Day
You Make Me Sick
Meet the Wretched

There was at least a 45 minute gap between the time Devildriver left the stage and Danzig started. Knowing I had a 2 and half hour drive ahead of me I didn't think I'd stay his whole set. When he got on stage they had his mic turned up way to loud. There was feedback and little squeaks through the first few songs. I decided to leave after a hand full of songs, so I could start the boring drive of going through South Texas. This was my first time seeing Danzig, so I was a bit disappointed but hoping it will be better next time.
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