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Originally Posted by pharmD_metalhead View Post
Well, it would be better if Scale the Summit was headlining, but it's not a big deal. CFTG is pretty good too.
Scale should be headlining, but in the end they're not really "metal" metal. Nobody is gonna mosh to them or anything. Kids who haven't heard them would probably leave if they were the last band on the bill. This opening spot is good exposure for them, they need the widest audience possible to hear their music.

That being said, hopefully they can play some tunes of Monument or Carving Desert Canyons, since last time I saw them they played songs almost all off of the Collective. In the end, I believe they have enough music under their belt to headline a tour, and I will be first in line when they do.

*crosses fingers for a STS/Animals as Leaders tour someday*
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