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Destruction -- Chicago, IL -- May 5th, 2011

I'll start this review off by saying that the show was at Reggie's, and I absolutely love that venue mainly because you can go in and out of the venue whenever you want.

Anyway, I got there right before a local band, Savagery, opened the show. I know the guys in Savagery and I was really happy for them when I found out that they were opening for the mighty Destruction! They put on a hell of a show as always, and anyone in the Chicago area should check them out (find them on facebook or something).

The next 3 bands I really couldn't care less about. It was a 6 band bill and I really wanted Heathen to come on already. I was outside pretty much the whole time for Souls Demise and Art of the Flesh. I've seen Souls Demise once and didn't like them and AOTF 2 times now so I wasn't missing anything.

Next up was Warbeast. Everyone seems to love this band, but I listened to their album, Krush the Enemy and I just found it boring as all hell. I just can't get into it. I thought live they would be at least better, but they were still boring to me. Even with Bruce Corbitt of Rigor Mortis on vocals, I just don't see anything great about this band. I love Rigor Mortis though and really hope they come around hopefully. I stayed for 2 songs and just went back outside.

Finally, Heathen was up next. The place got packed for them and when they came on everybody was going crazy. They have a ton of energy on stage and are flawless with their playing, if anybody on here is just considering going to this tour, GO. Heathen alone is worth the money.

Heathen set list:

Dying Season
Control by Chaos
Arrows of Agony
Open the Grave
No Stone Unturned
Fade Away
Death by Hanging

And finally, the German thrash masters themselves, Destruction were up next. I was actually surprised to see a good amount of people leave after Heathen. Pretty disappointing seeing as how those people missed one hell of a performance from Destruction, but not as disappointing when I saw Pestilence last June and literally half the crowd left after Warbringer Anyway, Destruction came on and like with Heathen, the place went nuts, especially when they played Mad Butcher! The guys in the band were really cool with the crowd and interacted often. It was obvious that they loved Chicago, and of course, Chicago loves them! They actually asked the crowd later in the set what we wanted to hear and they ended up playing Death Trap! Another surprise was near the end, Vaaver (Wawrzyniec Dramowicz) played a drum solo It was pretty good for a thrash metal drummer but nothing like "HOLY CRAP". The only problems were with sound. I could hear the guitar getting cut out, more audible during the solos. Also, Schmier was yelling at the sound guy about something with the microphones, but I didn't hear any other problems other than with the guitar. They played for at least an hour and a half, maybe more. The show got out at 1 in the morning, thankfully I don't have classes today! They played everything from that CA date and a few more, the order may be a little screwed up.

Destruction set list:

Curse the Gods
Mad Butcher
Eternal Ban
Hate Is My Fuel
Life Without Sense
Metal Discharge
Days of Confusion/Thrash til Death
Nailed to the Cross
Devil's Advocate
Confused Mind
*drum solo*
The Price
Death Trap
Release From Agony (with Heathen guitarist)
Bestial Invasion
The Butcher Strikes Back
Total Desaster

If I find that I forgot anything or someone posts a set list with the correct order, I'll fix it. But overall, it was an incredible show and I encourage everyone to see Destruction and Heathen if you have the opportunity to.

OH, and before Total Desaster, Schmier said to the crowd something along the lines of, "We get that question a lot, 'When are you guys gonna tour the U.S. with Kreator and Sodom?' Well it's been 28 years for us, and soon it'll be 30 years for those two as well, and really, it's about time we do this, it's been too long!" Just thought I'd let you guys know.
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