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Originally Posted by stylesclash516 View Post
I understand that but that's not why he does it. He bans cell phones and every other thing because he hates people that tape shows. I've never seen a person use there phone during an entire concert but then again I am too busy watching what's in front of me to notice anything else.
But now that i've mentioned this you're going to notice people on their cells trying to get videos and pictures of the show all the time now

I'm not one of those who tries to get directly up front all the time. I usually try and find a good spot about half way back so I can avoid the pit, pushing, shoving and the idiotic crowd surfers. I think you get a better scope of everything if you stay back a bit. So maybe because of that i've seen more cell phone useage at shows than someone else might.

Originally Posted by sleepstalking View Post
Man, at this point I've seen him six times, so I've heard Dirty Black Summer and Am I demon enough. lol I wish he would bust out some different stuff though for sure. I'd even love to hear "Sacrifice" as much as BlackAcidEvil sucks.
You can never hear DBS and AID enough

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