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I like that Danzig doesn't want cell phones being used during his show. It gives his performance and old school feel. There's been too many times where i've seen people fuckin around with their phones and not paying attention to the show and it pisses me off. Why the hell are you there if you're just gonna be doing that all night? There's action going on in front of you that you paid to see, watch that will ya? Believe it or not there was a time where everyone did watch the show. I know it's a strange concept to the some of the cell phone junkies out there today.

The security was tight when I saw him last year. They actually had guys with metal detectors checking everyone out before they entered. I've never see that at a show before but I didn't mind it since you felt a bit safer going into the venue.

According to the encore for the show he did the night after this was DBS and AID. So you guys got screwed at this one.
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