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Down -- Nashville, TN -- May 2nd, 2011

Down -- Nashville, TN @ The Cannery Ballroom -- May 2nd 2011

Opening acts: Ponykiller, Haarp

Down's setlist:

Hail the Leaf
Lysergik Funeral Procession
Ghost Along The Mississippi
The Path
Losing All
New Orleans Is A Dying Whore
Pillars Of Eternity
On March The Saints
Underneath Everything
Eyes Of The South

Stone The Crow
Bury Me In Smoke

It is possible the songs may be out of order in the middle of the setlist.

Ponykiller was a good band, just not a good fit for this show. They sounded good live.

Haarp is doom with lots of screaming. The crowd liked the band at first but it became boring fast.

Down came out and sounded better than ever. I have seen them 12 times and this is about as good as I have ever seen them. The energy was awesome, the sound was awesome. The band was in good spirits up until everyone started chanting for COC over and over after every few songs. Philip was a bit ill about it and Pepper didn't seem to like it much either. They kept playing a riff from Animosity era COC when the crowd would start in. Kirk finally played Albatross with Philip singing but it only lasted for a minute. The entire band seemed to be in a great mood aside from dealing with the idiots chanting COC a few times through out the show. The band was a well oiled machine tonight and the crowd was entertaining as well. Probably the best pits I have ever seen at a Down show so far. Philip stopped a song one time to tell the crowd they kicked ass instead of starting it over with the, "I'm watching you like a hawk" line he is famous for.

I also attended the Meet N Greet and sound check. The sound check was awesome as the band ran through Swan Song and a Animosity era COC song and a few other things. It was a good time and if you have the $ it is well worth it for you to get the VIP package if you are a fan of Down.

It was a great show, a good time and fun to see Down again. Pat Bruder from Crowbar is a killer bassist and fills in nicely in place of Rex Brown. Hopefully Pat will be the choice to be the permanent member in place of Rex now that he has left the band.
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