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Combichrist -- Norfolk, VA -- May 2nd, 2011

Their first US show in awhile. They're doing some headlining dates during the Rammstein tour, and this was their first 'warmup' date.

Star Killer opened, and they were decent. Pretty good for an opener. Then iVardensphere played, and they were great. Wouldn't mind seeing them headline a bar sometime.

Combichrist played about 90 minutes. Their newer songs aren't as heavy as their older material, but at least when they're played live, they kinda sound heavier. They played great though, a shit ton of energy, as they always do. Letz destroyed his drum kit at the end, which is always cool to see. If you're into industrial, this is definitely a band to go see.

Just Like Me
Follow the Trail of Blood
Today I Woke to the Rain of Blood
Throat Full of Glass
Get Your Body Beats
Blut Royale
Slave to Machine
Fuck Machine
Fuck That Shit
Never Surrender
Hey You, What the Fuck is Wrong With You?
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