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Originally Posted by The Colonel View Post
I saw this show last night in Phoenix and had a far different experience. They played a fairly last minute show, booked only two weeks ago, at a small club in Scottsdale. They didn't do the slide show and Steve spent alot of time interacting with the crowd and joking with his band members. They seemed to be having alot of fun. All the songs sounded great. Before the show we managed to have a round of shots with Steve. seemed like a really nice guy. The setlist was mostly the same, might have been a little shorter. They threw in a cover song that I didn't recognize and didn't hear the name of when he announced it. Probably one of the best times I've had at a punk show in ages.
Hmmm that's weird he had a lot of interaction with the crowd at your show. He didn't say one word between songs until the encore when he introduced the band, thanked everyone for coming and mentioned something about Penny. Then said good night after the encore. You show sounds lik a lot of fun.

Oh I just remembered I asked for a setlist, the lady on stage looked around for a minute, then handed me what was taped to the speaker. I was happy to get a setlist, then looked down and realized I was holding a paper with a paragraph on it about someone who went missing in the 60s.
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