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Figured I'd do one while finishing my last Wild Turkey before I went out. Going to a lot of shows in Montreal, I was always treated to long Neuraxis sets as openers, as they're from the MTL. I never really got into them, but I liked them enough to check out their shit, and I'm especially glad I checked out their newest release. Much of Montreal's death metal falls into that "Northern Hyber-blast" category that Kataklysm falls into. It gets hated on some, but it's different than straight on death metal, which makes it unique IMO.

The first thing I noticed about this album that stuck out to me was it's ability to be technical without having any nerd metal in it. Ugh, I hate nerd metal. I really dig the overall feel of the album, it does a great job of not being repetitive, and there are some strong songs in the middle. I think a lot of death metal albums drag in the middle. The 5th track, 'Sinister' is the standout track to me. Besides a stupid, albeit very short intro, it features some awesome technical riffs over a downtuned, heavy rythym, a combo which sounded great to me. I also like the 2nd track 'Asylum'. A slightly more technical track, which is still brutal. Their vocals are one-dimensional for the most part, but I'm cool with that, cause they're solid and brutal. To top it all off, these guys are a great live band. The last couple tunes drag a bit, or else this album would be even higher. One of Montreal's best extreme bands, without a doubt. They've taken over Kataklysm as my favorite Montreal band.

Standout tracks
Whoa, really? I mean, I was actually surprised at how much I liked it when I heard it a couple months back, considering I don't even like tech death -- but this in your top 30 death metal albums of all time?
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