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Steve Ignorant -- Pomona, CA -- April 30th, 2011

The show was Steve Ignorant presents Crass: The Last Supper at the Glass House in Pomona, CA. For the last decade, I have dreamed of this show happening and it finally happened. Crass was always one of my favorite punk bands. Well I only listened to Christ the Album and Feeding of the 5000. I would listen to Penis Envy and Stations of the Crass occasionally, I knew the songs but didn't know the names of them. Yes Sir, I Will was good to listen to a bits and pieces so I didn't know that one too well.

Anyways, back to the show. I was debating for a while about going cause I didn't want to support that shit, but ended up hearing the night before was awesome and just wanted the experience. I was hooked up with a ticket outside so that was cool. I still don't know how to feel about this show. I loved hearing all of my favorite Crass songs for the first and last time live. I was also very depressed because Steve Ignorant went against everything Crass ever stood for when he did this. First off, Crass was Penny's band, Steve was just the front man. Secondly, Crass stopped in 1984 because they felt they had nothing left to say and if they continued, it would be selling out. Well I walked into the Glass House and saw official Crass merchandise right away. They were selling the 2011 tour shirt, posters, patches and cds. I thought this was fucking stupid and walked away. I didn't want to support that shit. The cover band went on at 10pm and played an hour and 40 minutes. Steve had no crowd interaction the entire show until the encore. The band just played through the songs real quick, with the sound clips between the songs. It was really weird looking at John Locke sing Crass songs Steve is old as fuck now and its weird seeing him live. The band made the songs sound a lot more aggressive live, so that was a plus for me. The crowd went apeshit the entire time.

Ok, for the setlist, I didn't write anything down or really remember exactly what was played. I was a little buzzed and was criticizing the entire show. As I wrote earlier, there were a good amount of songs I knew but don't know the titles for. I am posting a setlist I saw online for a recent show he played in the UK cause it looks really close to the one I saw and I'm assuming he played the same set for the entire tour, except its out of order a bit and I know they also played White Punks on Hope and Reality Whitewash somewhere but don't know exactly where. I know Major General Despair was played early on in the set and there was an encore afer Banned From the Roxy. If anyone attends any of the shows on this tour and can help me improve the setlist, please do so.

1.Punk Is Dead
2.Do They Owe Us A Living?
3.End Result
5.Big Man Big M.A.N
7.Systematic Death
8.Contaminational Power
9.Time Out
11.How Does It Feel?
12.Poison In A Pretty Pill
13.Where's Columbus?
14.Rival Tribal
15.I Aint Thick Its Just A Trick
16.The Gasman Cometh
17.Heard Too Much About
19.Berketex Bribe
20.You've Got Big Hands
21.Big A Little A
22.So What
23.Banned From The Roxy
24.Major General Despair
25.Shaved Women
26.Bloody Revolutions
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