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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
I think it's going to interesting. I had my power metal phase and still think highly of some of those albums even though i rarely listen to them.

That being said a metalhead rating Pyromania over High and Dry (assuming since you said very few doubles) is borderline blasphemous to me. I understand you were probably young and that album was influential or whatever but High and Dry especially the remaster version with Me and My Wine smokes that album on every level. The riffs are beastly and the cheese factor is virtually nil.

The cool thing is when I wiki'd both cd's I found they re-released Pyromania with a LA Forum live show from 83 with Let it Go, Mirror, Mirror, Wasted and basically the best Def Leppard setlist I've ever seen. WIN!
Fair point, but take into account that Pyromania was ranked #98, 3 albums from being cut off the list - so while in the end I do prefer it to High and Dry by a tad, it's not by MUCH. And yes, being that it was the first rock album I ever bought, it does hold a special place in my heart that probably gave it the advantage in the end.
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