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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
Cool show, I had a lot of fun. Blackguard was actually a lot better than I expected, but it was a little annoying when the singer kept calling out for people to start pits. I mean, I love moshes, but dude, its a power metal show. People just want to chill.

Anyway, my only gripe- which was pretty big- is that I felt like the sound for SX was complete shit. I could not hear the guitars at all, Domination sounded like a big muddy mess of bass. It was supremely annoying to me.

I also didn't realize how fat Michael Romeo has gotten! Damn. It felt kind of awkward watching him, but he shredded perfectly anyway. And holy shit, Russel Allen was a fucking sex GOD on that stage. He almost turned me gay. The hair flowing back... the unbuttoned shirt... suggestive poses and tight pants...

Yeah I couldn't hear the guitars near the beginning but as the set went on the guitars were more audible to me.

And bands wanting to start pits is one of my biggest pet peeves about shows, especially when they don't fit in (like this show, for example). I understand a lot of people have fun with Blackguard live but this really wasn't the show for it. At least they didn't make a huge deal about it like I've seen most bands do.
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