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So what you're saying is you're either patriotic or you hate America?

What's so bad about having an opinion? The thing about patriotism is that if you just walk around thinking you're #1, you're #1 - then you really have no incentive to better yourself, because fuck it, you're the best.

The lyrics you posted are, frankly, mild. You mean to tell me the mindset expressed in "I'm American" isn't reflected on a regular basis by our media and our celebrities? Consumerism is a defining feature of America and we can argue all day about whether that's good or bad, but just because someone argues about it doesn't mean they're bashing America.

As for the "Revolution Calling" lyrics, give me a fucking break. Have you been alive these last few years? Were you there for the bailouts? Were you there for the oil spill? Were you there for the Goldman Sachs e-mails?

As for "Empire" I would remind you that America has an incredibly high crime rate for a developed nation, and our violent crime rate pretty much takes the cake. So yeah, that's pretty depressing, but puffing up your chest and saying, "America, fuck yeah!" isn't exactly going to fix it.

In other words, if those lyrics are your idea of bashing then you have set that bar comically low.
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