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Originally Posted by EvilCheeseWedge View Post
America bashing?
"Got an Ak-47 for his best friend,
Business.... the American way."
"I used to think that only America's way, way right,
But now the holy dollar rules everybody's lives
Gotta make a million doesn't matter who dies."
Revolution Calling
"I gotta have it, fonna drink the high life,
I'll buy a new suit, black skinny necktie.
I'll mingle with elite and Imitate
and they'll never even get it til I hit em
I've got no fear cause I've weathered the breakdown
San Quetin to the edge of the Big Town
I'm a man of the people
In the home of the brave, and I'm no man's slave.
"Because I'm free,
I deserve everything I get.
I'm American
I'm American.

I'm American.

Not exactly Patriotic, is it?
Iron Maiden 8/18
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