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Cool show, I had a lot of fun. Blackguard was actually a lot better than I expected, but it was a little annoying when the singer kept calling out for people to start pits. I mean, I love moshes, but dude, its a power metal show. People just want to chill.

Anyway, my only gripe- which was pretty big- is that I felt like the sound for SX was complete shit. I could not hear the guitars at all, Domination sounded like a big muddy mess of bass. It was supremely annoying to me.

I also didn't realize how fat Michael Romeo has gotten! Damn. It felt kind of awkward watching him, but he shredded perfectly anyway. And holy shit, Russel Allen was a fucking sex GOD on that stage. He almost turned me gay. The hair flowing back... the unbuttoned shirt... suggestive poses and tight pants...

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