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Fifth Angel - Fifth Angel

This will be the first of several albums I'll be referring to as one of the "best X albums you've never heard". Fifth Angel released two albums in the mid-to-late 80s and have now been pretty much wiped from the face of metal, sadly. The best way to describe this band is Queensryche a la the EP/The Warning, but with a more moderate-ranged singer and a little more focus on appealing, concise songwriting. If that sounds appetizing to you, I can't recommend this album enough. Every track is a great one - I truly uphold this as one of the finest "old school" metal albums that never gets its deserved respect.

01 In the Fallout (3:55)
02 Shout it Out (4:27)
03 Call Out the Warning (3:34)
04 Fifth Angel (4:04)
05 Wings of Destiny (4:39)
06 The Night (4:45)
07 Only the Strong Survive (3:48)
08 Cry Out the Fools (4:23)
09 Fade to Flames (4:04)

Featured Track:
"In the Fallout"
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