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The Last Felony
Too Many Humans

Another band out of Montreal, I found out about these guys by way of some luck. Mayhem was playing Montreal in '09, and the rest of the bands dropped off the tour, so the venue replaced them w/ some local acts. I checked these guys out, and dug them. They put on a good live show too. Their first album was solid brutal death, with some aspects of deathcore to it. W/ this release, they completely do away w/ all the deathcore undertones, and produced some awesome brutal death, w/ a little tech and grind involved.

I instantly fell in love with this album. I almost couldn't believe how much I liked it. The first tune 'We Are Future Housing Developments of Maggots' punched me in the mouth w/ quality double bass blasting w/ a fast, technical rythym. The vocalist belts out quality gutteral grows without a lot of variety, but he's pretty good. He will use some typical shrieky vocals too, which are ok, but I prefer the growls. The other standout tracks are at the 3 + 7 spots, so it keeps the listen interesting and fresh. And for a being an underground, fairly young band, I'm also very impressed by the production. Very clear sound, not much of the muddiness you encounter in many death metal items. The drums are a little low in the mix, but the guitars are extremely clear. I almost compare them to a faster, less technical Dying Fetus. I hope these guys actually tour soon, it seems like they only do 1 a year.

Standout tracks
We Are Future Housing Developments for Maggots

Promoting my own video - a tune from their first album : Starving Your Apathy

08/30: Bane and tour (?)
10/15: Soilwork, Decapitated (?)
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