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BLAZE - The Tenth Dimension

When Blaze Bayley was ousted from Iron Maiden to see the return of Bruce Dickinson, I think most metal fans assumed he would record one or two incredible mediocre albums and then fall of the radar forever. The reality was that Blaze would find an absolutely killer band of musicians, hire the amazing production of Andy Sneap, and write some killer songs. His debut CD, "Silicon Messiah" was outstanding, but he pushed the envelope one step further with the sophomore effort - loose concept album, "The Tenth Dimension". The metal rips, the ballads are great, and the whole thing absolutely craps on Blaze's collective work with Iron Maiden. Naysayers NEED to hear this album.

01 Forgotten Future (1:02)
02 Kill and Destroy (4:26)
03 End Dream (5:13)
04 The Tenth Dimension (6:17)
05 Nothing Will Stop Me (4:19)
06 Leap of Faith (3:38)
07 The Truth Revealed (1:43)
08 Meant to Be (6:25)
09 Land of the Blind (3:56)
10 Stealing Time (4:35)
11 Speed of Light (4:41)
12 Stranger to the Light (6:33)

Featured Track:
"The Tenth Dimension"
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