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Originally Posted by Maidenmagic View Post
Even though I've known about them since 05/06, I've only recently been listening to their "deeper cuts" (getting away from the greatest hits album.) and I must say that The Warning is close to a masterpiece and easily their best work. After that the only ones that I like are Rage for Order ( Very good, but it has too many soundeffects) the EP, (Easily the most metal thing they've done) Operation: Mindcrime (Memorable, but too much filler) and A good bit of Promised land. Best I can and the title track are the only tracks I like from Empire. Tribe and I'm American are decent songs (Although the latter has awful lyrics.) I think it interesting that they can bash America on alot of their albums but then they do a whole album supporting it. I read that the new album apparently has a dance element to it. (Geoff Tate said that!) I would have to listen to a track or two to decide whether or not to pick that one up. I would like to see them live once, but it would dependent on what they play.
America bashing?
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