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Danzig -- Las Vegas, NV -- April 29th, 2011

The Deth Red Sabaoth North American Tour 2011
House of Blues Las Vegas

End Of The Line
Not All Who Wander Are Lost
Dead To Rights
Clouds Over California
I Could Care Less
Pray For Villains
Hold Back the Day
These Fighting Words

Wotan's Procession
Skin Carver
Twist of Cain
Hammer of the Gods
Deth Red Moon
Tired of Being Alive
Her Black Wings
How the Gods Kill
Do You Wear the Mark
Ju Ju Bone
On A Wicked Night
Rebel Spirits
Bringer of Death
Black Angel/White Angel
Black Mass

So this is my first review, but I've been a lurker on this site for a LONG time, so here it goes.

I've been a pretty big Danzig fan for over ten years, and I was severely torn as to whether I should go to this show. It was $36 after tax, and I had already seen him five other times, and his show usually varies in quality as far as his vocal performance and the setlist. I finally sucked it up just because I thought it'd be pretty sweet to hear some of the new album live.

The House of Blues was pretty packed with the usual Danzig crowd...bald rednecks and chicks dressed in hot goth clothes. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a sell-out crowd, but it was still of a respectable size.

The first band, 2Cents, went over pretty well. Admittedly, they were pretty fun to watch for their stage antics and over-the-top personality. The keyboardist added a nice touch to their otherwise typical sound. The crowd went absolutely NUTS for their cover of Pantera's "The Art of Shredding" at the end of their set.

Devildriver were up next, and they delivered as always. It was a pretty predictable setlist, but it was played so well that I couldn't really complain. This was my fifth time seeing Devildriver, and I must say that I miss the days when they played a lot of material from their Self-Titled. On the upside, Dez looks a lot better these days...almost like he's been working out. Strange.

Danzig came on around 8:50, and it was no surprise that he opened with "Wotan's Procession" and "SkinCarver." He's been doing that since my very first Danzig show (), and I wish he would change it up.

At first, he was back to his old shenanigans of moving the microphone away from his mouth so that you could only catch half of the lyrics, but he stopped doing that pretty early into the set. Overall, he sounded fantastic on the lower notes, and extremely iffy whenever he had to raise his voice to his trademark wail. It was especially painful on "Mother," YOUCH.

The Deth Red Sabaoth songs sounded great though, as did "Thirteen" and "How The Gods Kill." The band sounded excellent as well, making up for Danzig's vocal performance.

The band left the stage after "Mother," and the house lights and music suddenly came up. It was surprising there was going to be no encore! It turns out that Steel Panther was supposed to play two hours following the concert end, and they had to cut it short so they could set up for that. The band emerged from the wings, looking extremely pissed, and went through "Black Mass." It would have been interesting to hear what they would have played had they not been cut off

Overall, it's still a show worth checking out if you're a Danzig fan. In my opinion, he should switch up that setlist a bit more. I'm still waiting to hear "Sistinas" and "Blood and Tears" live.
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