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Dream Whitesnake Forevermore tour setlist

Hi all,

Since the tour's about to start, I thought I'd see what you all think they'll play this time around. Below is my attempt, taking into consideration that WS has to play more than a few songs (*).

Are You Ready?
All Out Of Luck
Bad Boys (*)
Love Will Set You Free
Love Ain't No Stranger (*)
Slow An Easy
Cheap An Nasty (Token SOTT song - with the new DVD coming out and all)
Dog (I love this song!)
Crying In The Rain (Saints version w/Guitar solos)
Is This Love (*)
Good To Be Bad w/ Drum Solo
Tell Me How
Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues
Till The Day I Die
Lay Down Your Love
Give Me All Your Love (*)

Encore 1
Here I Go Again (*)

Encore 2
Burn w/Stormbringer
Still Of The Night (*)

So what do you all think?!?!

All I know is that, even though I'm not going to any shows for awhile, I can't wait for May 11!!!


PS I know there's another WS set list thread out there but I thought a separate thread, to discuss only this tour, would work better.

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