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they sounded so good they even overcame that piece of shit venue's muddiness. great show. everyone's sober and sounds tight as ever. Phil was hilarious, and brought his dad on stage to scream the end of Bury Me In Smoke. Sketchy crowd as you would expect. I know Phil likes to talk, but we could have had an extra song or two if he cut it short. ah well, he kept me entertained. What a great band, and they looked like they were having SO MUCH FUN the whole time, especially at the end when Phil invited his dad on stage to scream the end of Bury Me In Smoke with him, and then the other bands came up and played out the ending riffage for a while. so glad i dragged my ass to to Slayerville.

oh, but guys...get some new merch! im not dropping $30 for the same logo t-shirt you've had for 16 years.
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