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Pink Cream 69 - Sonic Dynamite

I'm sure those who don't have any idea who this band is are currently quite amused at the band name, and as amused about the cover art. It's pretty blatant that this band was formed (and named) back in the late 80's, when a name like this was acceptable (back when glam was in fashion). Their early stuff is pretty much what you'd expect given their name, and in the mid 90's they wandered into some pretty experimental stuff, but by 1998 they had married their roots with a few elements of power metal as well as a few of AOR/Hard Rock. The end result is one quite pleasant to my ears, though this is certainly a band that not everyone is going to "get". Either way, I consider this their best album, and pretty much every track is quality.

01 Passage to Hope (1:23)
02 Seas of Madness (5:14)
03 Followed By the Moon (4:37)
04 Sonic Dynamite (3:08)
05 The Spirit (4:38)
06 Speed of Light' (4:43)
07 Waiting For the Dawn (4:45)
08 Let the Thunder Reside (5:06)
09 Lost in Illusions (4:10)
10 Face of an Angel (4:09)
11 Shattered Prophecy (3:48)
12 Spread Your Wings (5:00)

Featured Track:
"The Spirit"
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