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Y&T - Mean Streak

I only came to realize how much I love Y&T after seeing them live on a whim here in Allentown about a year ago. Always been a casual fan, but recently have realized that this album (and its predecessor, "Black Tiger") are two of the very best early 80's hard rock/metal records. Dave Meniketti's guitar playing rips and the vocals are very good as well, and the songs have enough hooks while still maintaining their hard rock edge, unlike the band's later output. This is simply a MUST HEAR album for anyone who likes 80's metal.

01 Mean Streak (4:06)
02 Straight Through the Heart (4:14)
03 Lonely Side of Town (4:48)
04 Midnight in Tokyo (5:41)
05 Breaking Away (4:42)
06 Hang 'Em High (5:30)
07 Take You to the Limit (4:57)
08 Sentimental Fool (3:11)
09 Down and Dirty (3:54)

Featured Track:
"Midnight in Tokyo"
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