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Originally Posted by Indestructible View Post
I don't get why people have to hate the last two Slipknot albums, can't you make up your own mind and not follow what everyone else is doing? Im not saying that's the case with everyone but I have seen alot of people who hate the last two Slipknot albums and they seem like they hate them because that's how everyone else thinks.
ok, I'll make up my own mind by thinking the same way as you and the other posters in this thread. I didn't hear anyone else's opinion on AHIG before I heard it, and I went in thinking it was gonna be amazing, and I hated it. At what point was I being influenced by the opinion of the tr00 fans? Most Slipknot fans think the last 2 albums are their best anyway so I don't know where your getting "everybody else" from.
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