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Hammerfall - Legacy of Kings

Ah, yes - the golden age of power metal. Otherwise known as the only time when an album like this could be taken seriously. This album takes a lot of musical "suspension of disbelief" for me, but when I can put myself back in the mindset of me at 14, who was in love with all things power metal and unaware of the cheesy cliche-ness of it all, I can still really enjoy this album. Hammerfall's early work was actually pretty good, and though it's gone out of fashion and they've grown stale - I can still raise my proverbial sword in the air and enjoy the awesome ridiculousness.

01 Heeding the Call (4:30)
02 Legacy of Kings (4:16)
03 Let the Hammer Fall (4:13)
04 Dreamland (5:42)
05 Remember Yesterday (5:04)
06 At the End of the Rainbow (4:05)
07 Back to Back (3:39)
08 Stronger Than All (4:29)
09 Warriors of Faith (4:45)
10 The Fallen One (4:23)
Featured Song:
"Heeding the Call"

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