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Dominici - 03: A Trilogy, Part 2 (2007)

Kicking the list off with probably one of the most surprisingly great albums I've ever heard. Though I'm one of the few who actually really likes Dream Theater's debut album, I still never would've expected Charlie Dominici to resurrect his career in Progressive Metal 18 years later with an album THIS good. For starters, the band he enlisted (who went under the name Solid Vision without Charlie) are absolutely top-notch musicians, on par with the members of Dream Theater. He used their skills, the group's collective songwriting, and a unique and modern story concept to bring about this tour de force in Progressive Metal, exactly as it's meant to be. There are still those who will pass due to Charlie's somewhat atypical voice, but they're missing out.

01 The Monster (8:28)
02 Nowhere to Hide (5:06)
03 Captured (4:16)
04 Greed: The Evil Seed (7:26)
05 School of Pain (7:23)
06 The Calling (6:39)
07 The Real Life (3:26)
08 The Cop (4:48)
09 A New Hope (6:52)

Featured track:
"Greed: The Evil Seed"

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